When in Rome: Part Two

Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading part one of my recent trip to Rome. If you haven’t read it you can check it out here When In Rome Series: Part One

Today we intended to visit Vatican City, but our plans changed when we were walking and came across the Roman Forum and the Colosseum! Our day started with gelato for breakfast, I had my favourite – Mango!! Sooo yummy!! Then we walked down Via Nazionale, until we reached some steps and then the Roman Forum and the Colosseum were in view. I didn’t realise how close they would be to our hotel – about a 15 minute stroll.  We passed lots of ruins and historical monuments on our way. Rome is really so beautiful and fascinating.

Once you start to approach the Roman Forum there’s music and people all around – I particularly liked the Michael Jackson puppet show street performer! We were so lucky that it was so quiet. We barely had to queue at all for anything. We paid 7.50 euro’s for a 24hr ticket to the Forum and the Colosseum (if you’re under 26/student you get a discount) and pretty much walked straight in. First we went into the Roman Forum and once you get in there are signs everywhere with lots of historical information. My favourite part of the Roman Forum was the site where Julius Ceasar was cremated. It really brings it home that you are standing in the middle of a huge ancient empire. As you walk around there are tons of interesting ruins and old buildings. I really recommend anyone going to Rome, you must visit the Roman Forum!


You can tell from the pictures just how little people were there that day! I can only imagine how packed and crowded it must be in the summer. I really believe that the spring is the best time to explore Europe.

Next up was the Colosseum, but before that we were hungry. We ate pizza from a restaurant over the road from it, with the perfect view. I had a pizza topped with proscutto and it was delicious! Once we got to the Colosseum we walked almost straight in, only a tiny queue and security check. In light of everything going on in the world lately it was really comforting to see lots of military guards and policemen.  Once inside I was taken aback by how astounding and huge it was. We didn’t get a guided tour, and looking back if I went again, I probably would get one. There aren’t many signs telling you historical information or explaining what things are. But we manage to eavesdrop on the end of a tour which sounded really interesting and I wished we had got one! We didn’t actually have long inside as it was closing for the end of the day.


After the Colosseum we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We ended up going back to the place we had cocktails at the night before! I had seafood risotto and we all shared a pizza as a side. When in Rome! Then we found a pub called The Albert and felt like we had to go in for a drink. So strange to see a typical English looking pub in the Italian capital. We had a drink and watched Italians play pool, I’ve gotta say the English seem to be winning in that department!


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