A day in Vatican City

Hi guys! I got back from Rome yesterday, with a horrid cold! So I’ve taken the day off to lay in bed and recover, so I thought I’d share my time away with you all – starting off with the smallest country in the world.

We took the metro for the first and only time during our stay in Rome, from station Repubblica to Lepanto. From Lepanto we walked for about 10/15 minutes following the signs to ‘the Holy Door’. Once we reached Vatican City, we paid around 30/35 euros for a guided tour so that we could skip the queue, and then were led off to the tour guides office to wait for the rest of the group. While we waited we had a bite to eat around the corner. The tour started with our guide giving a talk about the history of Vatican City, and then walking us all to the entrance. We were given headphones so that we could listen to the guide incase we were out of earshot or hard of hearing. We didn’t plan to stay with the tour as we wanted to explore at our own pace (which our guide was fine with!).

We started off looking at all the gorgeous ancient statues, like the ones I studied in Classics years ago, then incredible rooms covered in the most stunningly breathtaking ceilings. Then we reached in the Sistine Chapel – anyone who’s been will know just how outstanding it is. You aren’t allowed to take photos in there, which really gives you a chance to marvel at it and appreciate it through your own eyes – and not a camera lens. From there we rejoined the tour group, and went through to St Peter’s Basillica. A beautifully decorated church, a moment that will definitely stay with me for a long time.

Anyone in Rome who is thinking of seeing the Vatican – do it. Don’t wait in the queue either, buy a guided tour even if just to skip the queue. Rome is far too fascinating to waste you time in a queue. I promise you won’t regret it…



10 thoughts on “A day in Vatican City

  1. I have been to Rome too and adore this city. I really want to go back.

    You have very nice pictures. I also like the way you displayed them in those little boxes side by side (how do you do that anyways?).

    I am sorry to hear you are sick. That’s not a nice souvenir to bring back. I hope you feel better soon. Rest up and sleep.


  2. Ahh you’ll love it! We bought a guided tour from someone just outside- we got it for 35 euros which included entry to everything. But you don’t have to stay with the tour you can wander at your own pace!! Make sure if you’re a student you take your ID as you can get it cheaper too. Have fun I’ll look forward to seeing your posts on your trip xxx

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  3. Did you have to wait long? I know in summer the queues are ridiculously long that in severe circumstances, you could end up queuing for 3/4 hours :/ But I’m hoping when I go, it’ll be okay! Is there anywhere else you really, really recommend in Rome? 🙂

    I sooooo can’t wait. Rome has always been on my bucket list, haha!


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