2016 – A year well travelled

Oh 2016, you had so many haters. Don’t worry, I loved you. While you took so many celebrities from us, and created Brexit and bloody Donald Trump, to me you were the year of travel and change. This year I left home and created my own, and took some pretty special trips along the way.



Amsterdam is definitely one of a kind. It exceeded all my expectations and I’m already planning to go back next April for another lost weekend. Its the kind of place really leaves you yearning for it. You have to see it while you’re young, and its great for couples and groups of friends. And, definitely don’t leave without visiting a famous Bulldog cafe…



Oh Budapest, you have so much culture and history to offer! A whirlwind weekend of incredible architecture, ruin bars, and fantastic food. You have to visit Margaret’s Island, and spend an afternoon there, it was one of my favourite moments. We visited the Szechenyi baths which were amazing! There is so much to do in Budapest that our weekend simply wasn’t enough time to cram it all in.



We took a road-trip to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon. I seriously underestimated how hard it would be to climb a mountain… In running shoes.  It took us basically the whole day, but man it was worth it! The views were unparalleled, and out of this world. I got to cross climbing a mountain off my bucket list, and it was amazing.


| August: VENICE, ITALY |

For Scott’s birthday, I took him to Venice for a few days for a romantic weekend. We stayed in the beautiful Jewish Quarter, Cannaregio. The hotel room had the most ostentatious Murano glass chandeliers and antique furniture, and you could hear live music from the restaurants below. Venice is really a world away from any other place I’ve ever travelled too, the canals, the people, and the gelato! While you’re there, make sure you check out the nearby islands for a day of island hopping, we had so much fun.


| August: MAGALUF, SPAIN |

A girls week of sun, cocktails, and partying!!! Despite a few hiccups, we really did create so many funny memories that we still talk about now. Something everyone should do once, a party holiday is cheap and cheerful, and something you can only do while you’re young in my opinion.


| November: FLORIDA, USA |

Disney Disney Disney!! We had the best few weeks in the Florida sun, running around the Disney parks, outlet shopping, and chilling out by the villa. A true family style holiday, one which we made so many memories of just having fun.


2016, you were good to me, I’ll remember you well. 2017, I am excited to meet you…


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