Shade Adjusting Drops – A holiday must have

One of the Body Shop’s most underrated products is their Shade Adjusting Drops. They solve the über annoying problem of getting a tan, then ending up looking too pale from the neck up, or in winter when our tans are fading – we needn’t throw all our darker foundations away.

And you can use them to contour too. Bonus.



Basically, you just mix a drop of either the lighter or darker drops, depending on how you want to adjust your foundation, and voila – perfect matching foundation!!

They work so well and are so pigmented that you need less than a drop to go up or down a shade. These are so perfect for travelling because you don’t need to take away lots of different foundations away – you could just put a little bit into a pot if you’re squeezed for space and job done.

Look at just some of the shades you can create – the middle shade below is my regular foundation shade.


They also work really well for contouring, you can mix to create the perfect darker and lighter shade – using a foundation, a concealer, or whatever you like. A multitude of uses – I really do not travel anywhere without these now. They were a lifesaver on my recent trip to Florida!

These retail at £10 each, but are nearly always included in Body Shop at Home offers – let me know if you’d like to know more!





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