Travel Diaries | Mount Snowdon, Wales |

I can now tick ‘climb a mountain’ off the bucket list, after reaching the top of Snowdon in North Wales. The views were so worth the pain…


It started easy, rocks made like stairs, which soon became harder and steeper to climb. After about an hour we were greeted by a couple on their way down who motivated us by telling us that we weren’t even close to half way! (Yay!). Luckily the weather that day was sunny clear skies because it was forecasted to rain, which would’ve been a downer on the day. We soon stopped for a drink and some snacks and to take some pictures. My friend Stacey’s shoes started to fall apart, so we had to emergency fix them using anything we had. Hair bobbles, string, and tape held them together! People climbing up were so helpful in giving us things to tape them up with.imageimage The next few hours were more difficult (hotter and sweatier!) as we started to properly climb up to the peak. As we reached the top after 4 hours, it was so worth it. You could really feel the cold of the altitude and see the fog around you. Once you’re up on the peak there’s a cafe and a gift shop. I got some food and a few souvenirs and sat down with a well deserved beer.

One of the most memorable moments of the whole trip to Wales was a couple getting married on top of the mountain. A lady actually hiked the mountain in her wedding dress! They also carried doves up there in boxes and released them at the top, which I found a bit cruel but each to their own. Overall it really was a fun experience and I will definitely climb more mountains in the future!

Top tips:

1- Get hiking boots. I climbed in Nike running trainers and I could feel every rock under my feet. Painful

2- Try to get up there early, so you’re down  before dark. There aren’t any streetlights on the mountain!

3- Take a different route down to the one you took up. You’ll find something different and beautiful. There is a train going up and down, if you’re really tired, but where’s the fun in that?

4- Do NOT forget your camera. You will regret it if you don’t. Your iPhone camera will not do the views justice!




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