Splurge VS Save: Eating in Budapest

Hi everyone! I had an amazing time in Budapest, and had some seriously yummy food. Here are my two favourite eateries in the Hungarian capital, no matter what your budget…


Comme Chez Soi.

Consistently ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor, and deservedly so. The food is cooked to perfection and the customer service is amazing. For starters I had garlic butter escargot; it was my first time eating snails and they were so delicious. My boyfriend had bruschetta with tomatoes which looked equally as yummy.
For the main course we were wowed: the plates were huge! Scott chose pork medallion with all the trimmings, and I had salmon on arrabbiata style rice. The pictures of this food will not do it justice, this is the only meal I have ever still thought about 4 months after eating it!
Both of us were too stuffed for desert- but they offered us some little cakes and ice cream on the house, which were looked too good to turn down so we managed to find room. Then to finish we were offered a complimentary Limocello shot to wash everything down.
I cannot give this restaurant a high enough recommendation- when you get to Budapest, book a table straightaway. We could only get in for lunchtime but we took the time we could get and it was so worth it.
It is a tad pricey but after you eat there you won’t regret spending a few extra Forints.


Central Market Hall:

If you are planning a trip to Budapest then Central Market Hall is probably already on your list. Here you can find more freshly made food than you could ever eat! If you had a kitchen to cook in you could pick up some speciality meat and vegetables, or if you are like me staying in a hotel, get some baked goods to try. The prices for pastries and sweet foods and really decent and they are all pretty yummy. I would recommend asking for something you have no idea what it is, you will probably find it delicious; but it won’t break the bank if you don’t!
PS. Food from the Market Hall is cheap, but souvenirs are not, you’ll be able to find your magnet or key-rings for half the price elsewhere.


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